solutions at the speed of thought! (tm)
solutions at the speed of thought! (tm)

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Synaptic Data Systems, Inc. is proud to offer solutions for five different aspects of development, each uniquely important to your way of doing business. We can manage your project from inception to completion, effectively becoming a part of your own dedicated IT department.

We follow through until you are completely satisfied with your new system's performance, at every level.


Marketing and promotions, graphic design and image consulting, advertising... This is the fluffy stuff. This is the work that's almost intangible, but without which, nobody would notice that you exist. Synaptic has aligned itself with the best talent in the local industry; a contact list of freelance talent that is more diverse and more capable than any single agency. If you have a style preference, we can accommodate it. We are your channel, for the optimal "Shine". This is what will initially attract your customers.


Human interfaces, data-gathering forms, report generation... This is the value proposition. This is where information gathers and moves. Customer intimacy, product-to-market excellence, and operational efficiency are process-driven, at this level. This is what people perceive as performance. It's what your customers will appreciate. We have specific experience in these 6 functional areas of development:
  • e-Learning & Employee Education
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Consumer Feedback & Surveys
  • Custom e-Commerce
  • Surveillance & Access Control
  • Medical Records & Imaging
  • Social Networking / Viral Media

Middleware, computational algorithms, searches, encryption, business logic, decision engines... This level is most critical to your confidence and precision. This is why you hire geeks. This foundation is the basis for a successful system, and often encapsulates your most precious intellectual property. A routine which recommends stock selections for an investment portfolio, is just one example of this category's effectiveness and vitality. This is the work your customers cannot do, by themselves. (They simply trust.) This is what your customers rely upon.


Tables, columns, views, indexes, stored-procedures, scheduled backups... Relational databases will not serve you effectively unless they are properly designed and administered. Synaptic has more than a decade of experience in building, combining, and maintaining database systems for large enterprises. Synaptic has worked with every major database engine in today's industry: including veterans like IBM, FoxPro, Informix; established leaders like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle; and those that push the performance envelope, such as MySQL and NCR Teradata. We will make your information readily retrievable and consistent, while avoiding repetitious manual tasks. These are the structures that keep your organization (or your software system) streamlined and organized. Good recordkeeping practices will give your customers a sense of integrity, stability, and security.


Clusters of servers, hardware components and peripherals, network devices and connectivity... If Code embodies the "thought process" of your operation, then these are your neural pathways. This is the tangible body of machinery, the life support system that keeps your business logic alive. Correctly configured, the machinery is quick and trouble-free. This is the underlying service that your customers never want to notice. We can recommend and install systems of any scale that your business demands. Your online strategy will seamlessly and invisibly work, reliably by design.

Let's do this

Your business demands a rock-solid plan and a fixed quote to indicate time and cost. Give us a shout and we'll put all the pieces together for you. Your vision's possible.