solutions at the speed of thought! (tm)
solutions at the speed of thought! (tm)

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your vision's possible.
Who we are

Synaptic Data Systems, Inc. is your single source for the architecture, implementation, and deployment of data-driven software applications.  Our core business provides solutions to enterprise-level clients.  We are based in North Carolina, and have been around since 1999.  We have built more than a few dot-coms.

We build precise solutions, on time and within budget.

We may not be the largest information technology company on your horizon, but Synaptic Data Systems, Inc. is the most responsive technology shop ever assembled.  Our insight, our dedication, and our aggressive timelines will give you a pleasant surprise, repeatedly.  Our steady clients attest to this fact.

Our mission

Our mission is to prove that your vision can be attained's possible.

Technology is malleable:  Hardware can be upgraded.  Software components can be written or revised.  Languages can be mastered, even created if necessary, to address any need.  Operating systems can be improved.  Servers and networks can operate more efficiently.  End-users can find their way effortlessly through more intuitive systems.  All of this is within your reach, now that you know Synaptic.

Stringent requirements, sudden timelines and mission-critical information are fundamentals of our business here at Synaptic.  Others have expressed the notion that anything is possible; we have made it our guiding principle.  We openly accept challenges that would make competitors lapse into a naysaying tirade.  On every occasion when we've set incredible goals, we have enjoyed the thrill of success.  [It has become rather addictive.]  You will not encounter another corporation which is more relentless and uncompromising in its pursuit of your vision.

Synaptic Data Systems, Inc. - solutions at the speed of thought (tm).